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tv   ABC2 News The Latest at 11  ABC  September 17, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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. >> now, abc2news at 11:00. >> showers moving in tonight. how wild will the weather get tuesday. our most accurate forecast. next. >> a lot of times they had to put up with all kinds of behavior. new information about the incident that put a paramedic in jail. a police report says that sean white slapped a patient. it is time to help fight for financial freedom. we work with a new tool for military families. we'll start tonight with a look over downtown bellaire. the clouds gradually rolled in. that means the rain is not too far off. will you need an umbrella? let's check in. when will the rain head our way, wyatt? >> i would take the rain tomorrow. rain is edging in already. in southern maryland we have
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rain towards charles county and a couple showers creeping in the d. c. area. this is just the beginning. the main storm system is well south and west of us. heavy rain in the tennessee valley. the storm system is getting its act together. we have two different components we'll phase together. we can see some heavy downpours and gusty thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon. we'll be watching this situation very carefully through the rest of the night, just a shower or two, maybe showers for the morning commute, but the better chance comes in towards midday. more ahead. >> we are learning new details about the paramedic that was arrested and charged with assault. >> a police report gives details about 31 year old sean white allegedly slapping a drunk woman while she was on a stretcher. >> we also learned that a colleague filed the complaint about the baltimore city fire department. that launched the investigation that landed sean white in jail.
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>> paramedics are often the first line of defense. the patient is cared for in an ambulance before reaching a doctor at the hospital. but according to a police report, it didn't go that way for sean white back on september 8th. the 31 year old responded to reports of a drunk woman at an apartment. she was not combative, but white began to ram her in the stretcher and lifted her by the neck and smashed her body in the headrest. the people that live here are finding out. >> if that was my mom i would be upset. >> a lot of times they have to put up with all kind of behavior. >> reporter: marvin johnson says he sees the medics here. >> a lot of them get belligerent and arrogant, try to instruct the paramedic how to do his job. >> reporter: a camera outside the building verified the original complained filed by
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white's colleague. the report says it shows him distressed inside the ambulance the report says the victim started to mouth off and white responded by slapping her across the face. >> all the emergency personnel that come to this building and respond to these calls, they do it in a proper fashion. they are professional and everything. >> reporter: white was arrested at the fire department and charged with two counts of second degree assault. >> the reaction, i'm mad as heck. there is no way the guy gets arrested for what he did. no way. >> that was the president of the fire union speaking to us yesterday. they believe the level of patient care was not as good as it should be but sean white should not have been arrested. the video will not be released until after the trial. the victim and colleague that made the complaint are not being named. cheryl conner. abc-2. tonight, we learned the suspect in the murder of an elderly couple was found after
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he overdosed in an oklahoma hotel room. police took him to the emergency room, there was a hit on his name in the system. the suspect, matthew long, is the victim's grandson. they were found dead in their homes last week. detectives have traveled to oklahoma, but not talked to him yet. a video went viral. a fight on cell phones outside a high school in howard county. today, the sentence was handed down. back in march the fight happened. the victim was knocked to the ground, unconscious. he was convicted of a second agree assault and got 60 days in jail. we've seen this time and time again. police say an edgewood woman went over the edge when she missed a parking spot. it was right outside the
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staples store in white marsh. she jumped out of her car, started to push and shove, and according to witnesses, got back in the car, used that as a weapon, pinned a woman against her car, and as she was driving away another woman was trying to write-down her license number and she was hit. >> i only come here when it is crowded. >> police got enough information to arrest brandy ames. she faces several charges and a judge set her bail at a million dollars. and detective julie pitochelli is now making history in a male dominated field, she brought back the first international extradition suspect in the history of the police department. after five years of
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persistence, anastacia oluoch was brought back. >> it was personal. we don't usually connect with family members as much as i did with jaki. five years working with her, i considered her a friend. anastacia oluoch is being held without bail. she will be arraigned october 12. every parent can tell you exactly where they were when they heard the words. "your child has cancer." abc2news talked to a family about a family that fought and won. tonight they share their story with you. >> reporter: sports is his game. connor is his name. this 12 year old wears his ravens shirt with pride. >> my favorite part of school is gym. i like to run around and get all the thing out. >> reporter: he was not thinking about running back when he was all of three years
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old. >> this is connor. right about before he was diagnosed, before he started steroids and chemotherapy. this is a picture of him a few months later. >> reporter: it was month after month, day after day, second after second, that his and his mom's world were turned upside- down. leukemia does that. >> we had to quit our job to take care of connor. he could not go to daycare or anywhere. he was in the hospital all the time. it was a big change. it was a lot of hard times, financially as well as emotionally. >> reporter: whether you are 3 or 33, this cancer takes in all ages. mel knee noticed something was not right. she called the doctor. they ran tests and the results were. >> she said "i think you have leukemia" and i was floored. i didn't know what to say. >> reporter: after several rounds of treatment. >> that put me in remission. luckily, the timing was
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perfect. i went in in october and had a bone marrow transplant. >> a lot of people would say to me i don't know how you do it. and i used to say to them, well, you are never given a choice. you just do it. it is your son. >> reporter: two survivors share their story. >> you have to get closer and closer to end up having it be cured. september is blood cancer awareness blood. they will have the celebrity golf tournament wednesday to help raise money to help wipe out blood cancer. the orioles look to head towards the playoffs. fans have three options to purchase tickets. if you put a deposit on 2013 season tickets by midnight tonight you can get access in a
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presale thursday. you can also enter in and saturday on the website you can enter. send us pictures of your family in orange. the e-mail address is pics coming up, a great performance. the ravens lost 24-23 yesterday. coach harbaugh said today, his team may be better in the long run. >> when you win you look at everything hard and you try to build on it. when you lose, that sting, it forces you to dig deep. i think all of us. >> sunday night is a rematch of the affect championship game. ravens against patriots. the 2012 election is 50 days aday. some believe the governor has 2016 on his mind. today, the road trip did not
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help the rumors. martin o'malley was in iowa today to give the key note address at the steak fry put on by tom harkin. it is an important stage of democrats thinking of running for the white house. in chicago. the teachers strike still on, after both sides appeared headed towards a resolution. they are now appealing to the courts to wrap up the strike to end it. three attorneys filed a brief contending the strike is illegal. by the time the judge hears the case the union may have voted to end the strike. they are scheduled to meet again tomorrow. if you are stationed at aberdeen, you may know this story. >> how to manage a family with one income while your family is overseas. tonight, a new tool to hp military families. and how many of you have your college books in cardboard boxes buried under the steps of
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your home? why you should not buy, but rent. finance 101 when abc news at 11:00 comes back.
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. in our consumer alert tonight, if you want the new iphone 5, you better pack up your sleeping bag and prepare to camp out. the gadget hits shelves on friday. guess what? they are going to be lined up at some apple stores. they don't expect them to last to the weekend. they had two million orders in 24 hours. apple is getting more competition in the tablet market. details are leaking out that microsoft ceo says the new surface tablet will retail between $300 and $800. and that is pretty good in line with the ipad and other popular tablets. the surface is the first trip into making its own software. and military families, a
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lot watch now. they deal with unique struggles and keep life in balance at home and loved ones deployed. trying to juggle a household and limited finances is a challenge many families face. now, there is a new tool available. >> reporter: it is called military money. we show you how it works in just a second. military families face some unique challenges over and above the long deployment. they have financial stress. for example, when a member of the military so deployment there are incentive pay increases that kick in to help the family back home. when the service member comes home, that extra pay stops. this app aims to help families budget and reduce debt as well as buying and selling home, manage credit cards. waves of servicemen and women are returning home from iraq and afghanistan and now families need to keep a major piece of moneyy advice in mind. >> when they want to go on a cruise, or buy a new car, do
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something that is really big and great because everybody is feeling good, but it is better to wait when emotions come down and you can lead with your head, not your heart. >> there are some categories with tips, basic training aid, financial resources, and an action center to help you create and manage your credit score, create a savings plan, pay down some of the debt. it is avaiin the app store. they are working on an android version as well. christian schafer, abc-2. this is great. if you have ever dreamed of attending an ivy league school and did not have the grades, you can take some of the classes for free. schools like princeton and harvard and hopkins are offering online courses at no cost. the courses are a good way to enhance your skills and can be particularly helpful for people searching for a job. >> there is a gab between
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training and unemployment that can be addressed. if you are unemployed, a good way to spend time is conducting some training to maintain your skills and also develop new skills. >> you won't get college credit for these online classes. but if you are interested in, say, statistics, here is a course. >> at hopkins, log on and you can explore the options. and if you have not seen it, you have to try to add on in the next few weeks. >> abc2news, we show a great new way to cut costs so you don't waste your money. . >> parents of college students are breathing a sigh of relief having signed off on the big fall bill. but not so fast. it is time to buy textbooks. luckily, there are new ways to
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slash the costs. the tuition is paid, rent check is written. now is another expense. the cost of textbooks. >> they are very high. >> one of them is $200, another one is $130. it is expensive. >> these engineering students face hundreds of dollars in textbook fees. they try to buy used and they even share. >> we have the same class. we split the cost, buy one book. i have a friend, we have the same class and live in the same apartment. we split the cost. >> but mckenzie stewart is renting books. >> it saves money. >> the top rental site are,, and new this year, amazon is now renting, too. i can see the appeal as i browse some titles in the campus bookstore.
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the popular accounting book, "survey of accounting" is $264, used versions are $100. you can rent it for $98, and campus book rentals $22. the rental may be an older version. be sure to check with your professor before renting an older edition. in some cases the changes are minor. in other cases the chapters won't max. $300 for a new book, he might say don't waste your money. now, maryland's most accurate forecast. let's take a look. there are some changes in the weather tonight. it was not a bad back to work or school day. rain moving into southern maryland, south of d. c., getting wet weather. this is the leading edge of a storm system that is developing
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to the south and west. wider on the radar you can see a bit of additional rain beginning to move in our direction and even this just the leading edge. first, i'll give you current conditions. the humidity is creeping upward. we could pick up a couple inches of rain, some downpours. there will be gusty thunderstorms in the mix at some point tomorrow. sun set was at 7:11, the days getting shorter. fall beginning this saturday. ocean city, take a look. wrapping up the summer season here. the big biker weekend down there. on a cloudy note today. we did stay try at the beach. sun changed over to an overcast scenario. the clouds thickened up. that was another indication of the weather system out of the west. an early look at the overnight forecast. you can see showers towards the
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morning commute. a good possibility. rain heavier by midday. a chance for thunderstorms after the midday into the afternoon and evening. that will be the peak possibility of even some severe weather here. temperatures tonight, low 70s. temperatures behind this system midweek. not dramatically cooler. it will be more pleasant as we go towards wednesday and thursday with the sun coming back. in the meantime, winds ramp up. high wind advisories in effect. coastal flood advisories along the chesapeake. these are gale warnings out on the bay. you get the idea this frontal boundary will be a rain producer, a thunderstorm producer, and there will be a lot of wind beginning tomorrow afternoon, lasting through wednesday, behind the system, and as well the humidity continues to surge. the gulf coast humidity. here we go with the rain that is ramping up to the southwest and west. large storm system on the move.
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kentucky, tennessee, the tennessee valley, and the storm still developing. there are two pieces of energy, the second over the great lakes. these will come together over the next 24 hours and amplify double barrel pressure and ramp up tomorrow afternoon and evening. that's when we'll have the best potential for severe weather. we'll clear it out quick tomorrow night. it will be dry and breezy into the day on wednesday. you see the heavy weather timing through tomorrow afternoon. the evening rush hour could be bad tomorrow. keep that in mind. tonight, 66, cloudy and mild. tomorrow, we'll say 79 and rain will be a good bet through the day. ramping up into the afternoon. the storm system intensifies and moves in. 62 tomorrow. here is the outlook. we'll clear it out rapidly. wednesday a breezy day with sunshine, cool overnight, low 48 and the outlook into the week is fantastic. sunshine, back in the 70s,
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looking at the weekend. fall begins saturday, just past 9:00 with showers and new rainmaker saturday, and we clear it out sunday. i think sunday night football will look all right. it is so dark already. >> yes, early sun set. well, you know, it was just a beautiful today to learn about history in sharpsburg. if you have ever been to antietam, you can hear the silence. it was 150 years ago today, there was a civil war battle going on there. it was the bloodiest one-day battle in history. 23,000 soldiers killed, from places like minnesota and colorado and ohio. five days after this, abraham lincoln got ready to deliver the emancipation proclamation to free the slaves. one visitor today said these
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people deserving to be remembered. more on abc2news. a look at what you will after the news. >> coming up on nightline, mitt romney responds to the secretly recorded tape where he apparently made disparaging remarks about half of american voters. we'll have the latest. and prince william and his wife wage a legal battle over those awful photos. coming up. anncr: a good job. it's the key to a good life.
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. abc2news is brought to you by mazda. well, d. c. is very excited
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about its new superstar. no, not rg3. the national zoo got a special delivery from the stark. welcome the baby giant pan da. >> we wait 100 days. following chinese tradition. our plan will let the people of washington name the cub. >> it will be rg4. mom will not emerge from her deny for a week. not even for food or water. it will be a while before you see the cub. but tune in to see mom and maybe the cub, 24 hours a day on the link to the pan da cam. >> fire and rescue crews in oregon went to great lengths to visit a cat. a homeowner heard it crying for
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help. they had to use a shovel and a tiny camera and other equipment to rescue the cat. after six hours they finally managed to pull the kitten from a drain pipe. firefighters took it back to the station. they named it champ. it is a little more severe than the kitty in a tree. >> the vocal chords are working good. >> i thought they would wait 200 days to name the cat. but they did it right away. we should have a lot of. extra weather work. we are seeing some develop tonight. the rain pushing in to southern maryland as we speak. that is the leading edge, high winds will be an issue tomorrow, lasting into wednesday. here is how it plays out. showers in the morning, chances for storms through midday n the afternoon in particular, we'll clear out nicely on wednesday. tomorrow keep it tuned here to
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aawh no, look, i know this is about the troops and not about me. right, but i don't look like that. who can i write a letter to about this? geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. . are you ready for the rain? >> yes, stormy today tomorrow. we'll have it posted here and at
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